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EZRoute2000 consists of integrated schematic and printed circuit layout editors. 

1. Symbol and footprint editors allowing you to create or modify existing items in a database of over 20,000 symbols and hundreds of footprints.

2. Use of imperial or metric (2 decimal place calculation) in the same layout gives greater design flexibility.

3. Schematics can be drawn on A,B,C,D,E or custom sheet formats and can have up to 32 pages with hierarchy drawing capability.

4. Print or plot to any installed device and generate Gerber RS274X photo plots.

5. Excellon drill file creation.

6. Check the plot files with the built-in photo plot viewer.

7. PC Board layouts can be as large as 32” x 32”. Traces can be .001” - .255” or in metric in the same layout.

8. Multiple masks are available allowing work on component or  solder layers, inner layers with ground and power planes for multi layer boards. Use copper, silk, solder mask, paste, assembly, schedule, Drill Drawing and Sketch masks.

9. Cursor position is shown by x,y location and can be set to 0,0 for on-screen measurements by pressing the period.

10.  Colors for screen background, traces and text  can be changed by using internal Windows color chart.

$195.00 US        Upgrade from older versions  $95.00 US

                                                     New manual  $14.95

EZRoute Pro users..  Upgrade to EZRoute2000 for Gerber RS274X plots

Order now and get ver24 (more zoom-in levels) and ver25 (scroll wheel use)

Available from:

Specific Instruments Ltd

22869 125A Ave

Maple Ridge, BC 

V2X 0N3






Phone 604-313-3481

Skype  bjenkins.8

 Bill Jenkins  wrj60@telus.net

NOTICE how  much of the screen is available for layout use. Area not lost as in other programs using screen to display components etc.  EZRoute2000 uses drop boxes for this which disappear after use.

Use of HOT KEYS speeds work

Footprints are available in many Libraries. Easily create or modify standard footprints.

Up to 1,000 pad descriptions are available. Change pad size, shape, layer, have drill hole or solid.

Pads are displayed when selected.

Change program properties, layer masks/layout grid/cursor as required

Press  M to get the Properties box

Select step Grid from the chart  


      Or enter the grid spacing as required.

Change Board Properties allows you to change: Layers, Width, Length and grids       

Select Inches, Mils or Millameters

Use all in the same layout if needed        

.001” to 1.0” or metric equiv.

Using EZRoute Std Pro?


Purchase using:


Delivery by email.


Backup cd and manual by post. Add $7.50 post


Make 1 or many pcb’s






Using EZRoute Pro or Std ?

You will be pleased with the changes in EZRoute2000.

                      See the latest version changes

Make one layout or copy and paste to make many.


I leave .025” between each board, eliminates waste and cutting time. (I use a shear)

Make your own boards? If you use toner transfer, you are able to print pads with holes.


Having a gerber plot made for you? Remember, photo plotters flash pads so no drill hole shows. To have a drill hole showing, make your pad by using a 360 degree arc. Change trace width and spacing to give the correct size hole. Photo plotters draw arcs.

Do surface mount on multi layer boards

PDF’s  Showing  How To’s


Just added     How to make a Single Sided PCB 

see         SSPcb1

If you’re looking for an easy to understand, supported and very capable pcb program for single sided, double sided or multi layers EZRoute2000 is your answer. Use pcb layout to place footprints then add traces direct or use schematic entry for net lines. Move footprints, use autorouter or manual trace to finish pcb layout.

This board area is 6” X  3”


Can be up to  32” X 32”

Send your boards out for v-scoring

Blue is solder side copper,

red lines are component side v-score lines for board mfr’s use.

Using v-score you are able to move board layouts much closer.


Please email your comments and questions to bjenkins@direct.ca

Or 604-313-3481



Download your

DEMO www.ezr2000plus.com     open the pdf link


If you use gmail, contact me for different files.


DEMO will allow you to create schematics, pcb layouts, print, plot, generate Gerber and Excellon drill files  NOTE you will not be able to save layouts but you can print them for reference.

manual 14.95

One long time customer’s comments on EZRoute2000

He also uses a high end pcb program and is happy with it except that it has so many options and features that it's difficult to remember them all unless one is laying out boards 24/7. It's not very intuitive at all which makes learning to take advantage of or retain some of its higher end features difficult.

I can be away from EZRoute2000 literally for months and when the need to do a board pops up, I'm right back into the action without any lost time re-learning everything. I also love how the user interface has remained virtually unchanged from the original DOS version from back in the day. Those aspects that did change like making schematic symbols graphically instead of with text, being able to have 1000 pads in the pad table, ... etc. are what needed to change to keep it at/near the top of its class. BTW - I did find myself using v24 for the greater zoom capability with this small surface mount connector on this latest board... This was handy! All in all, the package has served me well for darned near 20 years now.

If needed, I can supply low cost prototype and production run pcb’s from your artwork

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